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Kate/ September 30, 2009/ art, illustration, nature, sketchbook, Time to Fly

Near Berthoud Falls

I sit at my desk in my office in my Denver for most likely the last time. I’ve packed everything but the computer, printer and scanner in this room. My official move-out date is October 3, but before then there won’t be much time to sit at a desk and type away.

Since early September I’ve been posting photos of my activities and local scenery on Facebook. Plein air painting. A camping trip and party. Driving. Drawing. Packing. Walking. Soaking it in. Purging it out. Ignoring regrets and allowing personal growth.

When I first arrived in Colorado on September 12, 2005, I swore I would journal and sketch my new surroundings every single day. Did I? No. But I did sketch a lot more than I remembered. These things come out to play when I must stop and pack them all in boxes. Sketchbook upon sketchbook upon sketchbook. Journals. Paintings. Drawings. Books about all these subjects. For someone who lives rather lightly, I certainly do have a lot of boxes to load. My collective art archives span back to 1992.

It is rather nice to see that I do indeed have an archive, that I haven’t thrown it all away in a moment of self-doubt, that I’ve held onto what means the most, and that I know what means the most overall.

When I realized that all my moleskines were full (it is a rarity that I actually fill a sketchbook front-to-back), I went to the store and bought 3 more. Aaah. The size, the portability, the flatness when opened. The versatility of the paper for various media. They work for me.

One thing I never did when I drove out to Colorado the first time was document my trip in drawings. I think that, since I will have Scott at the wheel, I will draw a lot this time. I know I will. I must. I do not want to forget.

Above – entry 1. Berthoud Falls. Aspen groves slide down an avalanche shoot like froezen  waterfall of gold glitter. Berthoud Pass. September 28, 2009

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