PenguinArt by Kate Garchinsky


December 2, 2013

San Francisco Ballet launches Nutcracker app, illustrated and written by Kate Garchinsky

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Monday, December 2, 2013–San Francisco Ballet, the country’s oldest professional company and the first to perform the full-length Nutcracker in America, today announced the launch of a Nutcracker interactive storybook application. Designed for children ages 6-10 and their families, the animated iPad app allows users to not only experience SF Ballet’s production of Nutcracker through original […]


June 29, 2012

The Home Stretch

“If you’ve ever climbed a mountain, you know that it can be hard to judge how far you really are from the top once you get close. And those last few hundred feet are a doozy.” – Me, on the seemingly futile pursuit of achievement in this economic environment. Sometimes I tell other people things […]


June 11, 2010

Lullaby it up!

You would think from the lack of activity on my own website that I’ve been lying around in my pajamas, daydreaming to sweet tunes, doodling and enjoying tea and crimpets. That, my friends, is precisely what I’ve been doing. (Ok well, sort of.) My big fat project of 2009-2010 has been a CD of lullabies […]


February 1, 2010

Sneak preview, ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ 7″ Blue Vinyl

Freshly inspired and injected with creative energy from the SCBWI Mid-Winter Conference in NYC, I return to the most urgent task at hand—artwork for the cover of the nifty 7″ vinyl record that will accompany the special limited edition pre-order package of Sing Me to Sleep – Indie Lullabies. The project has officially been leaked […]


November 5, 2009

“Sing Me To Sleep” Pre-Order

“Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies” has been my little pet project since earlier this year. Along with Joe Spadaro of American Laundromat Records, I am co-producing this compilation of non-traditional lullabies performed by some of my favorite indie artists. Here’s the list: The Antlers • Peter Broderick • The Coctails • Violet Clarke (Grand […]


September 30, 2009

Last moments

I sit at my desk in my office in my Denver for most likely the last time. I’ve packed everything but the computer, printer and scanner in this room. My official move-out date is October 3, but before then there won’t be much time to sit at a desk and type away. Since early September […]


September 22, 2009

Shiny and New

If you haven’t noticed (which, I’m not sure how you couldn’t if you’ve been here before), my website design has been updated with a new layout, improved portfolio browsing, the addition of Side Projects and a shiny new template on this here blog. The transformation has been an ongoing project for quite some time, often […]


March 23, 2009

When it snows, it pours

It never fails, really… when I have no work, I have *no* work. When I do have work, I have boatloads. This is not a complaint, just a statement on the way things go in the freelance world. One day I’m counting pennies and eating Ramen Noodles. The next, I am still eating Ramen because […]


March 5, 2009

It’s Time to Fly

As mentioned here and there over the past year, I have been working on a picture book. My first. It has been a challenge getting these reluctant birds off the ground, but in recent weeks I have made good progress. And hey! I’m excited that the story is, at long last, coming together. Storyboarding the […]


January 20, 2009

Celebrate, America!

CelebrateAmerica.jpg Originally uploaded by Kate Garchinsky | Happy “Where Were You When Obama Became President?” Day. I will be in Pennsylvania, where I am right now. On the couch in front of the teevee.


May 28, 2008

Seeing the World Through New Eyes

Crop of Self-Portrait (in progress) There comes a point in every protagonist’s story where a crucial decision must be made. Where change is option A, and option B is to remain stagnant. I have opted for A and you know, it is scary but not nearly as scary as remaining exactly the same. I was […]


April 25, 2007

ifriday: Polar (North Pole)

Coldilocks and the Three Polar Bears Originally created for a charity exhibit benefiting First Book Philadelphia. Scroll down for my southern polar edition.


March 28, 2007

Illustration Friday: "I Spy…"

Click to enlarge This was a scene from one of my walks with Maggie last week. I stopped when I heard a very noisy squirrel scolding us for walking by his tree. As I usually do when no one’s watching, I greeted the squirrel. “Hello little squirrel, sorry to bother you.” A split second later […]


March 9, 2007

Illustration Friday: Wired

Wired, Kate Hamilton Swallows remind me of penguins. They’re just much smaller, lighter, and flightier. Illustration Friday Blog Opens! Illustration Friday has a new feature, the IF Blog. Created by co-founders Penelope Dullaghan and Brianna Privett, this new page replaces the “news” page on the site. It features fresh posts from Penny and Brianna, as […]


February 23, 2007

Illustration Friday: Communication

As usual, it’s been a while since I contributed to Illustration Friday. As usual, I do not have time to paint something new. But I do have something in my archives that suits the topic, and that is not against the rules. This illustration is one of four I completed for a book called “Chanda’s […]