PenguinArt by Kate Garchinsky


September 22, 2009

Shiny and New

If you haven’t noticed (which, I’m not sure how you couldn’t if you’ve been here before), my website design has been updated with a new layout, improved portfolio browsing, the addition of Side Projects and a shiny new template on this here blog. The transformation has been an ongoing project for quite some time, often […]


May 28, 2008

Seeing the World Through New Eyes

Crop of Self-Portrait (in progress) There comes a point in every protagonist’s story where a crucial decision must be made. Where change is option A, and option B is to remain stagnant. I have opted for A and you know, it is scary but not nearly as scary as remaining exactly the same. I was […]


March 16, 2008

Works in Progress

–A portrait of a baby –Illustrations for a book –Illustrations for my own manuscript –A mountain bike trail map –Two logo/identity packages –Mountain bike festival ad materials –Taxes –Myself


November 26, 2007

In Search of Creativity

One of my new goals for the next few months is to find and/or attend an inspiring creativity workshop. I don’t care if it’s about general creativity, or more specialized for oil or watercolor painting–I just want something that will get my juices flowing. I have been feeling stumped in this area for quite some […]


November 19, 2007


Right now, in my life I am grateful for abundance. I have recently received and experienced an abundance of: 1. Support from my friends, both near and far2. Love from my family3. Work from my clients4. Motivation from my husband5. Affection from my dogs6. Inspiration from my surroundings7. Grace from the Universe8. Hope for my […]


October 10, 2007

Tagged (a little late)

I was tagged by Michele, oh you know, back in August! Sorry Michele… Four jobs I’ve had:1. Receptionist at a Catholic priest’s rectory (counted a lot of Sunday collection money)2. Waitress at a cheesesteak shop (one of two waitressing jobs, I will never do that again)3. Senior Designer at FAO, Inc. (got laid off by […]