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KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – The Eastern Pennsylvania (EPA) chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) has a new logo, designed and illustrated by Kate Garchinsky.

Adrienne Wright, Regional Illustration Coordinator for EPA, announced a logo re-design contest for the chapter’s logo on June 26, 2014. The online Call For Entry asked for a logo design that would “knock the socks off all the other chapter’s logos!”

Philadelphia author/illustrator Kate Garchinsky decided to enter the contest after hearing Wright’s announcement during the EPA’s Illustrator Day at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prizes included a free SCBWI membership renewal, entry to the upcoming “Sundaes With Editors!” ice cream social on August 17, and of course, exposure.

“I wanted to create a symbol that embodied the spirit of imagination. With the ‘Golden Kite’ as the SCBWI’s official icon, it made total sense to me to honor Benjamin Franklin as our mascot,” said Kate Garchinsky, referring to Franklin’s famous kite experiment. “As children’s authors and illustrators, we invent ways to capture electricity in our work, and share that energy with our readers.” 

The new logo was revealed at the Sundaes With Editors event, and on the chapter’s blog, EasternPennPoints.

Garchinsky’s logo will represent the chapter “indefinitely,” according to the organization’s website.

See the new logo on the SCBWI-EPA chapter’s website at

For more information about the SCBWI, visit

See more of Kate Garchinsky’s illustration at

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WAUSAU, WI —  From September 2, 2014 through July, 2015, the Woodson Art Museum presents Legacy Lost & Saved: Extinct and Endangered Birds of North America. The exhibition comprises artistic portrayals of extinct and endangered species, including the great auk, passenger pigeon, Carolina parakeet, heath hen, and Labrador duck, which are recent extinctions – designated as lost since 1500.

The museum’s curator of collections, Jane Weinke, based the theme of the exhibition on Project Passenger Pigeon, an initiative throughout North America to mark the centenary of the bird’s extinction on September 1, 1914. The exhibit includes two of Kate Garchinsky’s passenger pigeon illustrations, drawn from the extinct bird collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel in Philadelphia, PA. Both illustrations were recently featured in the American Birding Association’s Birding magazine (May/June 2014).

The exhibition has four categories; Passenger Pigeon, Too Late: Modern Extinctions, Wisconsin Stories, and Successes. The Museum’s extensive collection and a few loans provide the 30 works in the exhibition, including sculptures and drawings by The Lost Bird Project‘s Todd McGrain, and  passenger pigeon paintings by the “dean of U.S. wildlife artists,” Owen J. Gromme. Original drawings of the ivory-billed woodpecker by Don Richard Eckelberry are also included. Eckelberry’s April 1944 sighting of the ivory-billed woodpecker is universally accepted as the last official species record.

 For more information, contact Kate Garchinsky at, or visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s website.

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Passenger Pigeon, adult male by Kate Garchinsky

Audubon, PA—During the month of April 2014, two of Kate Garchinsky’s passenger pigeon paintings hung in the historic barn at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. The annual “Drawn From Nature” exhibit was juried by Lynne Horoschak, program manager of the MA in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. Awards were chosen by Master Pastelist Carol Kardon, who herself has received over forty awards, including a Pew Foundation Grant. 

Kate Garchinsky’s pastel painting, Passenger Pigeon, adult male, executed from a mounted specimen at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia, received an honorable mention for works on paper.

“To say it’s an honor is an understatement,” said Garchinsky. “To have my pigeons roost in Audubon’s barn is a dream come true. My hope is that someone who walked through those doors asked themselves, ‘I wonder what a passenger pigeon is’? and investigated it more.”

The show was on display from April 11 through April 27, 2014. Over 200 pieces were chosen, and more than 1,000 visitors attended the exhibit. In addition to Kate Garchinsky’s passenger pigeon pastels, local artist Mallary Johnson’s hanging installation, Eclipse, commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the extinction on the passenger pigeon, a bird once so common that John James Audubon reported observing a flock so large that it eclipsed the sun for three days. The installation included over 1,500 origami passenger pigeons folded by local school children and members of the community.

Garchinsky is currently working on writing and illustrating a non-fiction children’s book about the passenger pigeon, titled, Martha: The Very Last Passenger Pigeon on Earth. The book will be released in eBook format in September 2014 at the centennial of the species’ extinction.

Her pigeon pastels will also be on display in September at the Woodson Art Gallery as part of a special passenger pigeon and extinct species exhibit, curated by Jane Weinke.

For more information and updates, visit Kate Garchinsky’s website,

John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove
1201 Pawlings Road Audubon PA 19403
Today, 175 acres of Mill Grove’s original estate remains largely as Audubon found it – a haven for birds and wildlife. The property boasts more than seven miles of trails and stunning views of the Perkiomen Creek. The historic three-story stone farmhouse serves as a museum displaying original Audubon prints, oil paintings, and Audubon memorabilia. The John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove is owned and operated through a unique partnership between the Montgomery County Department of Parks & Heritage Services and The National Audubon Society.

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And I have lots of stories to share. Where to begin?

The Pocono Mountain Retreat on the Shawnee was something special indeed. I made friends, received expert feedback, made bird sounds by the river, saw a golden eagle by the river, painted en plein air while rocking on the porch, and danced like a carefree idiot child.

I learned new techniques for time management from Laurie Halse Anderson, begged for (and received) a pretend portfolio deadline from Laurent Linn, waged a silent auction bidding war with Carter Hasegawa, and talked crayons, clients, mountains and skiing with Amy June Bates.

The weekend ended with a moving keynote address by Kay Winters, which drew tears of love and inspiration from my tired and bleary eyes. Between now and next year I plan (plan!) to be in a more comfortable spot financially so that I can attend this special conference again on my own, without the generous scholarship—so that someone else may benefit and grow from the experience, as I have.

Special thanks to Francesca Amendolia, Adrienne Wright, and Marilyn Hershey for designing and coordinating this out-of-this-world event, donating their time, sweat, and tears for the cause (triple sweat from Francesca, the dancing queen!).

Stay tuned for my upcoming personal accounts of what it’s like to care for baby wild birds, and how not to chase an injured black vulture through a field of cow pies. True story.

*cue hillbilly banjo music*

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That Trail That Seems to Go On Forever by Kate Garchinsky

That Trail That Seems to Go On Forever by Kate Garchinsky

I have been awarded a full scholarship to the 20th Annual Pocono Mountain Retreat via the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in eastern Pennsylvania (SCBWI-EPA)! Free admission, free room and board at the Shawnee Inn, one on one time with editors and art directors, including Laurent Linn from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

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American Laundromat Records has announced that Sing Me to Sleep: Indie Lullabies has received the following music awards:

I’m both giddy and honored to receive recognition from these highly-respected parenting publications. Thank you!