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April 1-30, 2011
“Water” Juried Show
Newark Arts Alliance
Newark, Delaware
Entry: White Clay Creek Snow Melt

March 4-5, 2011
NOMAD Artists First Friday
Artspace Lansdowne
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Sold: Dead Bird I: Juvenile Cardinal (Window Collision)

Tag: delaware

"Brandywine Rapids" in progress

Sssshhhhh. Do you smell that?

Creeks swell with April rain. May flowers perfume the air and seduce the birds and the bees. *sneeze*

This Spring feels particularly springy to me. Out with the old and dusty! In with the new and lusty! The Earth stimulates my senses, whispering, “Come. Touch. Smell. Feel. Taste. Listen. Everything is reborn.”

“Now paint.”

Somewhere between February and March I made a sharp return to painting the outdoors. I missed Spring last year in the blurry busy-ness of Sing Me to Sleep‘s release. (Oh my gosh, can you believe it’s been a full year now?) This year I consciously reopened my senses to the seasons. And you know, I’ve noticed that in the simple act of noticing, paying deeper attention to the itty bitty changes in the woods surrounding my home, time slows down. The anticipation of Spring greens seemed to delay their arrival. Each bud and sprout appeared so darned stubborn, as reluctant to wake as my beagle baby nestled among my bedcovers on a grey morning.

As I draw and paint the landscape, however, time speeds up. The sun’s position shifts from one blink to the next. Photographs may remember the position of things, but it fails to record the color and quality of the light exactly as I see it.

My purpose in this painterly homecoming is to record the moment, as I see, feel, smell, taste, and hear it. Each moment is precious and fleeting as a hummingbird’s heartbeat.

Recent works from March thru April:

"That Trail That Seems to Go On Forever" by Kate Garchinsky, aqua crayon on paper

Study for "White Clay Creek Snow Melt" by Kate Garchinsky, aqua crayon on paper

"Brandywine Rapids" by Kate Garchinsky, aqua crayon on paper

Study for "Brandywine Spring Swell" by Kate Garchinsky, aqua crayon on paper

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A moment of vanity, brought to you by the talented Christina Kiffney.

Kate Garchinsky - Shrug

Christina and I had scheduled a photo shoot in the Brandywine River Valley on what turned out to be a sweltering, sticky day in late June. Christina, who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado—one of my favorite towns with a much more penguin-friendly climate—happened to be traveling from New York to Washington D.C. via rail that week.

Kate Garchinsky - Green

She had time enough to hop off the train in Wilmington, hoist and haul her camera equipment from Brandywine State Park on the Pennsylvania side to Brandywine Park on the Delaware side, and take 365 beautiful shots. These are some of my favorites.

Kate Garchinsky - Late Light

This photo shoot is step two in my own big little marketing makeover. Step one included a professionally scribed biography, coming soon. There’s an abbreviated preview on my About page right now.

Kate Garchinsky - Specs

My goal is to more effectively package myself, accurately render my capabilities, effectively exhibit my past work and illustrate how blissful my potential clients’ lives can be should they choose to work with me.

Eh, or something like that.

Kate Garchinsky - Brandywine Foot Bridge