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I Smell Fall Coming

Kate/ September 12, 2012/ birds, blog

…and I could not be happier about it. Up late after churning out some informational graphics for a client, I’m kept company by a warm beagle at my feet, and a pair of barred owls in the woods outside my window. “Who cooks for you, dear? Who

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Some facts and some personal observations.

Kate/ August 15, 2012/ blog

Common Yellow Throat, Car Collision, Appleton Road, Kemblesville Pennsylvania Screech Owls munch on Katydids. Carolina Wrens play with their food. Bats don’t like Barred Owls. Cedar Waxwings flap backwards for blueberries. Don’t look at the Wood Ducks the wrong way. Female Scarlet Tanagers are not scarlet, they

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Prints, CD Bundles and Bottles Now on Etsy for Maggie

Kate/ December 28, 2010/ blog

Happy holidays and happy snow days! I hope the east coast appreciated the slightly-late White Christmas I wished for and delivered this past weekend. 😉 Oh and yes, so—guess what? I opened an Etsy shop in December and neglected to mention it here until after Christmas. Oh

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My World This Week

Kate/ November 3, 2010/ blog

I hope all of November is this good. Drumroll, please Last week I received word from American Laundromat Records that our project, Sing Me to Sleep: Indie Lullabies has received the following music awards: – 2010 NAPPA Gold Medal (Music: Lullabies category) – Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award (CDs: Sleep

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Next up: The Art of Giving

Kate/ October 12, 2010/ blog

Now that my heron painting has sold for Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research (thank you, Coral and Cadie!), I can start blabbing about The Art of Giving exhibit (November 6, B Square Gallery, Philadelphia). My painting, “Owl Dream,” will be on display alongside a few dozen other

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