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…and I could not be happier about it.

Up late after churning out some informational graphics for a client, I’m kept company by a warm beagle at my feet, and a pair of barred owls in the woods outside my window.

“Who cooks for you, dear? Who cooks for yooooooooooou?” they hoot and hop from tree to tree, as if asking around for a restaurant recommendation. I suppose that’s one way to trick a mouse to dinner.

These and other birds have been stirring my imagination in new ways lately, which only felt like pecking until I participated in a guided meditation. Since then I feel renewed and back in touch with my creativity, and I have my dear friend Katrina Martin to thank for it. She can help you get unstuck too, you know. That’s what healing dreamers who love purple do best.

You go check out her blog while I head to bed and quickly, before the dawn birds begin bickering with the owls.

Oh no, I am too late. It only takes one. Today it is Crow.

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Common Yellow Throat, Car Collision, Appleton Road, Kemblesville Pennsylvania
Screech Owls munch on Katydids. Carolina Wrens play with their food. Bats don’t like Barred Owls. Cedar Waxwings flap backwards for blueberries. Don’t look at the Wood Ducks the wrong way. Female Scarlet Tanagers are not scarlet, they are an olive-yellow. Mourning Doves are sweet and far too vulnerable. Pigeons don’t roost in trees because they’re Rock Doves. Baby House Wrens and Carolina Wrens do huddle but trust not! Mallard Ducks make great pets if you really love duck poop all over everything. Bow your head and lower your eyes in the presence of the Bald Eagle.
Grey Catbirds have tiny black whiskers. Blue Jays may seem a bit slow as babies, but don’t get used to it. They learn fast. Ignore the desperate cries of baby House Finches, Cardinals, Grackles and Cowbirds. They will beg until they eat themselves to death. Baby Brown-Headed Cowbirds are never fed by Brown-Headed Cowbirds. A Northern Cardinal is a very large finch. During migration, a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird might return to the same feeder on the same day of the same month year after year. Crows bore easily and require special toys in captivity. They also appreciate mirrors when alone, as do Purple Martins and Barn Swallows. To observe an American Goldfinch chase after a little white butterfly and catch it in mid-air is inspiring.
In 2014 the Passenger Pigeon will have been deemed extinct for 100 years, with its untimely demise due entirely to human ignorance and exploitation. The species went from being one of the most abundant birds in the world during the 19th century to rapid extinction early in the 20th century.

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Happy holidays and happy snow days! I hope the east coast appreciated the slightly-late White Christmas I wished for and delivered this past weekend. 😉

Oh and yes, so—guess what? I opened an Etsy shop in December and neglected to mention it here until after Christmas. Oh bother. If you’re a Facebook friend or follower, you already knew. But here’s the skinny:

Items sold in my store may not only make your eyes and ears happy, but they also benefit some one or some dog in need. Right now I’m selling “Sing Me to Sleepsigned prints and CD bundles for The Valerie Fund, “Owl Dream” prints for Tri-State Bird Rescue, and water bottles and pet portraits for my beagle, Maggie. Over the past few years, Maggie developed secondary glaucoma in her right eye which has damaged her cornea and causes her constant pain and discomfort, varying in intensity from day to day. The only way to stop this fluctuating inflammation permanently is to remove the eye. There are two options here—to stitch the lid closed, or to insert a false eye. As difficult as it is for me to imagine Maggie in a never-ending wink, the first is my chosen path, as it’s less expensive but 100% effective. Unfortunately, this is an unexpected expense that will over-deplete my recession-red resources.

Maggie in 2008, prior to her most recent eye problems

Maggie now—very much lacking her typical joie de vivre

If you love dogs, love beagles, love me or love Maggie, please consider purchasing a bottle or portrait to help Maggie receive the care and relief she needs. My girl has not been herself since this year-long optical journey began.

Maggie will be posting her ocular progress on her newly revived blog (coming very soon). If you were a reader of “Me, Maggie” back in the day (circa 2004 – 2006), you can dust off her bookmark. She’s definitely ready to give out more puppy licks.

Happy New Year. Let’s make it a good one.

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I hope all of November is this good.

Drumroll, please


Last week I received word from American Laundromat Records that our project, Sing Me to Sleep: Indie Lullabies has received the following music awards:

– 2010 NAPPA Gold Medal (Music: Lullabies category)
– Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award (CDs: Sleep Aids category)

It’s a fantastic feeling to receive such great positive feedback on a project so close to my heart. Special thanks to ALR and all the artists who donated their time and talent for the children and families of The Valerie Fund.

The Art of Giving

This Saturday I will join some of my favorite artists in Philadelphia in the No Name Art Group‘s Art of Giving exhibit and fundraiser at B Square Gallery. The opening will be a warm mix of wine and charity, with artists’ work printed on wine bottles donated by local wineries, and all proceeds benefitting Philabundance.

No Name Art Group Art of Giving

Why Philabundance? Because Philabundance is the Philadelphia area’s largest hunger relief charity, and much of Philadelphia is starving due to poverty and suffering from malnutrition. From the website:

Food poverty—the lack of access to nutritious, affordable food—is present in every community. From children and seniors to the increasing number of working poor, hunger affects close to a million individuals throughout the Delaware Valley. Philabundance provides food to approximately 65,000 people per week through our direct services and network of 500 member agencies including emergency food kitchens, food cupboards, senior centers, and more. We serve low income residents at risk of hunger and malnutrition, of which 23% are children and 16% are senior citizens. These services are accessed by vulnerable populations such as those with disabilities or suffering from mental illness, as well as families slipping through the hunger safety net. The Federal Poverty Line formula disregards the qualifying poor who receive food stamps but live above the poverty line. It also doesn’t acknowledge the working poor who make too much to collect welfare, but are unable to make ends meet, in spite of being part of the workforce.

In response to these challenges, Philabundance has taken a strong hold of the hunger issue in the Delaware Valley. By collaborating with the food industry and others committed to ending hunger, we are able to reach more people than ever before, with the goal to make nutritious food accessible to all.

Please read these articles about hunger in Philadelphia:

A Portrait of Hunger

Food that’s as Poor as the Family

Your help is needed. If you can’t make the Art of Giving opening, please give Philabundance a direct donation of money or canned goods. You know you have a can of something in that pantry that you’ll never eat.

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Owl Flush by Kate Garchinsky

Now that my heron painting has sold for Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research (thank you, Coral and Cadie!), I can start blabbing about The Art of Giving exhibit (November 6, B Square Gallery, Philadelphia). My painting, “Owl Dream,” will be on display alongside a few dozen other original pieces of art to raise funds and awareness for Philabundance. Read more at (no name) Art Group’s website, Facebook, or Philabundance’s site. If you plan to attend the opening, please be sure to let me know! There will be wine…

Also, I’ve added new samples to my Design page, and created a folio specifically for Products I’ve designed and developed. This replaces the “Side Projects” page I originally had in its place. I’ll keep posting about my side projects here on my blog. Tidier and simpler.