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KIRKUS reviews Belle’s Journey

Kate/ April 6, 2018/ blog, news, reviews

BELLE’S JOURNEY: AN OSPREY TAKES FLIGHT ~ ISBN: 9781580897921, 112pp. Pub Date: May 15, 2018 “A young osprey named Belle completes her first 4,000-mile solo migration from Massachusetts to South America and back. One spring, Dr. B., a scientist on Martha’s Vineyard who studies ospreys, selects Belle, a

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Plein Art Painting with Pingu the Penguin

Kate/ April 18, 2012/ blog

Everything I learned about painting outdoors, I learned from Pingu. Now you can too! (Reload the page if video does not appear) Remember: 1. Be ready when inspiration strikes! Store all your supplies together in a trusty ol’ paint box. Don’t forget the beret. 2. Scout out a

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Transition to Spring

Kate/ May 11, 2011/ blog

Sssshhhhh. Do you smell that? Creeks swell with April rain. May flowers perfume the air and seduce the birds and the bees. *sneeze* This Spring feels particularly springy to me. Out with the old and dusty! In with the new and lusty! The Earth stimulates my senses,

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