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December 6, 2011

Coming to this Space Today: A Highly Successful and Creative Woman Shares Her Secrets

…and the secrets of hundreds more women who have inspired her get to that place we all dream of. Before I can post my full entry as part of the Blog Tour of Gail McMeekin, creative coach and mentor, I must tend to a few minutes of delegation on a code red design project. Delegation […]


February 15, 2011

I always did well in school.

It took me 37 years, but I now understand just how important my natural “talents” were for my success in school. The right side of my brain carried me through with its affinity for writing, drawing and language. My memory was highly visual, and I relied heavily upon its ability to “photograph” what I needed […]


December 28, 2010

Prints, CD Bundles and Bottles Now on Etsy for Maggie

Happy holidays and happy snow days! I hope the east coast appreciated the slightly-late White Christmas I wished for and delivered this past weekend. 😉 Oh and yes, so—guess what? I opened an Etsy shop in December and neglected to mention it here until after Christmas. Oh bother. If you’re a Facebook friend or follower, […]


November 25, 2010

The History of the Turkey Gram (Gobble Gobble)

Today, please take a moment of silence to be thankful for birds, particularly Turkeys, without whom this day would be rather anti-climactic and deprived of the best gravy in the world. In honor of the Turkey, and more notably, the Turkey Gram, I repost my orignal 2003 account of the Turkey Gram, made possible by […]


October 12, 2010

Next up: The Art of Giving

Now that my heron painting has sold for Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research (thank you, Coral and Cadie!), I can start blabbing about The Art of Giving exhibit (November 6, B Square Gallery, Philadelphia). My painting, “Owl Dream,” will be on display alongside a few dozen other original pieces of art to raise funds and […]


September 21, 2010

Ripple Sketch Blog update

It is official—my color sketch from my picture book,”Time to Fly,” will be available for sale via the Ripple Sketch Blog at exactly 7pm EDT on Wednesday, September 22nd for $50. Here are the official rules: TO BUY A “GREAT AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR” CARD: At posting the scheduled posting time (not before) the FIRST person to […]


September 10, 2010

Whoosh, “Cack!” Flap flap flap…

When the oil hit the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, an illustrator in New York named Kelly Light felt its impact, and decided to act upon her grief. She created the Ripple blog and invited illustrators to create small sketch cards in exchange for monetary donations to the wildlife rehabilitation orgs deployed to the […]


August 18, 2010

Frogs, dogs, and polliwogs: 3 weeks of doing too much with too few successes

When stuck, try everything else. Worst idea? Watercolor plein air in the rain. #$#&%! Best idea? Getting Maggie and Kermit together for a picture. Experiments to be continued.


August 11, 2010

Lost and found and lost

Injured female Scarlet Tanager, rescued and released last week. I feel a bit scatterbrained. The feeling hasn’t ceased for three weeks. Scattered and incredibly focused at the same time. Yes I just contradicted myself. Kind of. Let’s try this again. Since the New York trip my brain has swollen four times its usual size with […]


August 3, 2010

No sleep til bloodbuzz

Last week I spent a good solid 5 days in New York City via Brooklyn—the longest I’ve ever stayed in the big, big city. I hadn’t planned it that way. The original purpose of the trip was the Illustrator’s Intensive hosted by the Metro NY chapter of SCBWI on Saturday, July 24—a plan that I almost […]


July 20, 2010

Photo Shoot

A moment of vanity, brought to you by the talented Christina Kiffney. Christina and I had scheduled a photo shoot in the Brandywine River Valley on what turned out to be a sweltering, sticky day in late June. Christina, who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado—one of my favorite towns with a much more penguin-friendly climate—happened […]


June 11, 2010

Lullaby it up!

You would think from the lack of activity on my own website that I’ve been lying around in my pajamas, daydreaming to sweet tunes, doodling and enjoying tea and crimpets. That, my friends, is precisely what I’ve been doing. (Ok well, sort of.) My big fat project of 2009-2010 has been a CD of lullabies […]


May 6, 2010

Who doesn’t love a pajama party?

Long time no update—so it goes when you’re this busy. If you’re a friend on Facebook or Twitter you already know what I’m talking about. Sing Me to Sleep – Indie Lullabies is at last a reality. A real, tangible, physical piece of art and music that was once just a figment of my imagination. […]


December 29, 2009

Obligatory 2009 Commentary

A common theme amongst my friends’ comments on Facebook, Twitter and blogs this week has been, “good riddance, 2009!” I’m with you. Actually, I’m done with the 2000’s as a whole. The new decade (which I am not sure what to call yet—the Tens?) brings yet another new beginning, and my hope is that this […]


December 16, 2009

Who here is ready for a holiday?

Maggie, for one, is always ready. She’s donning her traditional green and red jingles around the house and savoring every morsel of extra attention she gets just for being festive. I’ve come as close as I can to wearing a big red bow on my head day and night. Sometimes it’s the silly little things […]


November 17, 2009

My Autumn, My Winter

I never was much of a summer person. Even during school years, when every kid in their right mind was just itching for the last bell on the last day of school, my mind and body hyper-focused on the discomfort of the heat. I remember how the sweat on the back of my neck would […]


November 5, 2009

“Sing Me To Sleep” Pre-Order

“Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies” has been my little pet project since earlier this year. Along with Joe Spadaro of American Laundromat Records, I am co-producing this compilation of non-traditional lullabies performed by some of my favorite indie artists. Here’s the list: The Antlers • Peter Broderick • The Coctails • Violet Clarke (Grand […]


October 26, 2009

Recent Doodles

Where have I been and what I have I been doing? Everywhere, everything, all over… and over again. I landed in Chester County, PA on October 10. I am still unpacking. Evidence of travels: My last plein air painting in Colorado, in Rocky Mountain National Park: I am eager to paint again. Song of the […]


September 23, 2009

Rocky Mountain SCBWI Conference

This past Saturday and Sunday I attended the RMC-SCBWI Conference at the Sheraton in Lakewood, Colorado. In attendance were a couple hundred writers and illustrators, and industry experts who gave presentations, demos and critiques to the published and to the aspiring. Rather than spread myself thin, I decided to focus on three of the presenters […]


April 24, 2009


Heel Originally uploaded by Kate Garchinsky | Drawn with 2 Pitt Pens while watching parts of Grey’s Anatomy with two hardcore fans of the show. I don’t watch TV, or even have one, so I was a little lost on the details but still had fun. This is my foot resting on the opposite […]