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Rain, Randomly

Kate/ June 27, 2015/ blog

The rain sounds like crinkle paper as it overflows the gutters and forms pools around the house. The trees dance in the wind gusts. Water coats the surface of every sill. Every place has it’s own style of rain. Here in Philadelphia, an evening thunderstorm is summer

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Hummingbird Mojitos

Kate/ July 13, 2012/ blog

Katesnowbird’s Hummingbird Mojitos Serves 2 2-3 shots silver rum 2 shots hummingbird nectar (1 part sugar to 4 parts water) 2 limes Splash of pomegranate liquor 1/2 cup club soda 3 sprigs of fresh mint from the garden 8 fresh blueberries Granulated sugar Floral garnishes: Coral honeysuckle, butterfly bush,

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